Welcome to Portinatx

Welcome to Portinatx

Del Rey apartamentos in Portinatx

Portinatx is a tourist area located in the north of Ibiza, in the municipality of San Juan.

In Portinatx you may find these beautiful beaches :

  1. Puerto de Portinatx: is an almost rectangular beach forming a natural shelter behind the island of Sa Guardiola; in this cove you can find some anchored boats.
  2. S'Arenal Gros: beach is relatively large, irregularly. Del Rey apartments are on the side closest to the road, directly in front of it.
  3. S'Arenal Petit: is a minor beach, shallow draft, to the left of the previous one. Access is found taking a detour from the main road, just before reaching the town of Portinatx, or directly from S'Arenal Gros walking along the coast.

All these beaches have clear sandy bottoms, which give the landscape a beautiful turquoise color. The water transparency is remarkable, and certainly invite you to enjoy a refreshing swim.

Beyond the port, there is the Portinatx lighthouse (Faro de Sa Punta d'Es Moscarter); you may access hiking from the harbor, but you should wear a good pair of shoes, and some cool water to relieve the heat of summer.

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